Fires and explosions cause thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries each year.

Here you will find many valuable resources on fire statistics, facts, news, and links.

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Facts & Statistics

The US Fire Administration collects data from multiple sources to provide information on the concerns of the fire problem in the United States.

Safety Recalls

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a great resource for keeping updated on the latest recalls.

Codes & Standards

It’s everyones responsibility to stay current with local and national codes. Visit the National Fire Protection Association to get the latest information.

Crime Bureau

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) partners with insurers and law enforcement agencies to facilitate the identification, detection and prosecution of insurance criminals.


Safer, Stronger, Protected Homes & Communities

The information below has been gathered to assist you with building safer, stronger homes and communities.  Sign up for Mitigation Planning email updates Rebuilding homes or businesses after a disaster is the right time to incorporate techniques to prevent future... read more

Civilian Fire Fatalities in Residential Buildings

(2011-2013 Report) Fires can strike anywhere – in structures, buildings, automobiles and the outdoors. Fires that affect our homes are often the most tragic and the most preventable. It is a sad fact, but each year over 75 percent of all civilian fatalities occurred... read more

State Insurance Fraud Bureaus

Fraud bureaus are state agencies charged with investigating suspected insurance schemes within their states. Most states have fraud bureaus, which investigate suspected schemes across most line of insurance. States without multi-line fraud bureaus include: Alabama,... read more

 Major Causes of Home Structure Fires


  • Cooking Equipment 43%
  • Heating Equipment 16%
  • Intentional 6%
  • Electrical 6%
  • Open fire/ candles 6%
  • Smoking 5%
  • Dryer 4%
  • Playing w/ fire 2%

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